Different Types of Pergolas

Planning to build a pergola? There are different styles and types of modern pergolas you can choose either you build it by yourself or leave it to the experts.

There are companies who custom made pergolas according to your specifications. Each of these pergolas provides a different artful and various different practical edges.

It will complement your house for a well-outlined pergola that will provide a cost-effective and comfortable way to expand your living areas out into the yard.

Here’s a list for you to consider:

Open top-type pergolas

‘Open top’ are pergolas and gazebos without roof cladding. It gives a way to update the look of outdoor areas, as well as to carry airflow and increase privacy for an open top type of pergolas.

Pitched-type pergolas

This is different from flat-roofed pergolas as pitched pergolas incorporate a ‘pitched’ or angled roof. It permits for good water runoff and a variety of fascinating design options for pitched type pergolas.

Gabled-type pergolas

Displaying a ridged or peaked roof, the gabled-type pergolas are identifiable for their triangular shape. Gabled pergolas are inviting and like pitched-type pergolas, permits for good water runoff and additional height.

Steel-type pergolas

To construct pergolas and even gazebos, steel beams can be used as a material. It is normally extremely strong, very durable and long lasting for pergolas created from steel. It offers a very modern look and different feel to timber for pergolas made of steel.

Sail-type pergolas

A type of pergola that integrates a stretched sail is referred to as sail pergolas. As the main roofing structure, the stretched sail suspended between posts. It offers a lustrous, modern look for these types of pergolas.

Solar power-type pergolas

You might also consider using that roof space to accumulate a bit of sun’s valuable sunlight if you have a pergola at home or you’re preparing to build one.


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