Pergola As An Entrance

Pergolas are an outdoor garden framework that usually has a flat rooftop with open-beam roofs placed on columns.

Most pergolas are utilized as entryways to yards, gardens or even front doors and are shady from the vining plants twisting through their joists.

A number of pergolas are built of wood but sometimes constructed of unexpected materials like metal, bamboo and even glass. From plain to having a unique exterior, a pergola entryway can transform positively a simple home or landscape.

Entry on Yard

Like a roof or a fence, pergolas may be stand-alone structure or affix to structures. A pergola details entry to a yard when accenting a gate. Pergolas today have peaked and arched open joists, that also includes one tunnel-like structure that can be accented with blooming plants. New pergola designs depart from the usual roofs that are flat.

Entry on Front Door

From yards up to front doors, the pergolas may be freestanding passageways leading to a professional appearance. Attached to the roof line or not, the structure can act as shaded overhangs moving the span of front exterior. A good combination of blooming plants like climbing roses and clematis won’t engulf front entries. It can be an asset from a short, separated pergola, sometimes referred to as an arbor for a home prevalent by its front driveway and with a level entry exterior. Without joining to the roof, it creates a porch-roof feeling and is unique enough to draw the eye far from the driveway.

Entry on Garden Path

Pergolas can provide sheltered seating areas and give transition from one part of the landscape to another whether placed in front, side or at the back of the yards. For container gardening and hanging baskets, pergolas offer the speckled shade that is often helpful. A garden path pergola gives good increasing opportunities for prevailing woody vines, like wisteria, hydrangea even grapes due to being set separately from the house.


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