Pergola Paint and Care

To any outdoor living space, Pergolas are a delightful accent. Pergolas serve as a great flee from the midday sun, creatively pleasurable, and gives a romantic vibe to dine under.

Most likely, your pergola has gone from perfectly attractive to somewhat slapdash after a few periods lay bare to the elements. Worry not because restoring your pergola is as easy and simple.

Expect it to take at least quite some time, although repainting a pergola is easy. To ensure new coat of paint sticks, sufficient time for sanding your pergola is needed.

Step by step procedure:

Prepare your patio accordingly before starting the project. Remove all furniture from the space and cover the plants, the ground and anything that may be affected by paint using disposable plastic or old newspaper. Set aside ivy or other plants growing up the column before painting.

After thoroughly preparing the area, start sanding the pergola. Sanding the entire pergola may seem wearisome but it is important. Scrapping out sanding may result in your paint peeling earlier than it should.

Cover the tops where they meet the pergola if opting to paint the columns with a different color. To cut the time painting, using a power paint sprayer will do the works to finish painting the pergola by more than half.

Load your power sprayer with paint but wear first protection like disposable coveralls, hair and eye protection. Begin the spraying with the ‘ceiling’ of the pergola, covering it with a light coat of paint by moving the sprayer back and forth over the surface. Using your entire arm and not just your wrist, make an effort and keep the paint tip perpendicular to the surface. This step will give an even coat.

Before applying the second coat using the sprayer, allow the first coat of paint to dry long around four hours.

Use the ladder and touch up any spots using the paintbrush once the top of your pergola is completely painted.

Paint the columns of the pergola using a paint roller. Expect the texture will be a little different from the part of the pergola you painted using the sprayer because you are using a roller. Before applying the second coat, wait for the paint to dry.

To deliberately complete the detail work at the base, on the corners, or where the top and the columns meet, use the paintbrush. Make sure to touch up any missed spots. For the paint to dry completely, 24 hours would be enough.

Make sure you clean the pergola completely once you are done using the sprayer.

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