Vinyl Pergola

Having a pergola at home delivers a light, airy and enticing space to relax, dine or just hang out.

Pergolas are a popular choice because they are a minimal addition to a home and can be installed easily, and can go with your current style. The pergola can be set on a pre-installed and leveled base.

Why Choose Vinyl Pergola

A vinyl material pergola can crack or become brittle with age. If certain sections need to be replaced, it may be hard to fix but this material takes less major maintenance compared to the traditional wood material pergola.

Maintenance Requirement

Vinyl needs no major care as it only demands only periodic power washing to maintain its looks and preventing from looking bad.

A vinyl material pergola can last for decades.  With a special mention on the east coast that comes with high humidity and temperature, the vinyl pergola will like enough require regular power washing for about 1-3 years. To keep the pergola looking as they prefer, it would still depend on the homeowner.

A vinyl pergola can crack or blow off in the wind but it is hardy, especially when it is still new. The possibility of getting damaged is present not only for vinyl material but to all types of the pergola but it isn’t likely to blow off in winds if it has been installed well. It needs an extreme type of storm to totally harm and damaged a vinyl pergola. Always keep in mind that over the years, a vinyl pergola can become more brittle.

When purchasing a vinyl pergola, look for a manufacturer that uses the top quality material. Remember, the return you will see in a quality product will be an advantage for you for a longer time rather than opting for an average building even though the cost may be little higher.

Importance of Paint

Sun can easily damage the material even if it is painted. If the pergola is placed in a shady spot, or a year or two less in direct sun, a good quality paint should last for about 7-10 years. Consider re-application of paint as needed.

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